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Auslan Tutoring for Auslan Educators​​

Auslan Tutoring for Auslan educators

As a committed Auslan teacher, you understand the importance of continuously enhancing your language skills and knowledge. One of the most effective ways to do so is to collaborate with other passionate Auslan teachers who are just as dedicated to the language and its community. By working together, you can polish your signing abilities, broaden your vocabulary range, and deepen your understanding of Auslan’s unique linguistics, culture, and traditions. Additionally, partnering with other teachers allows you to access a wealth of new perspectives and teaching strategies, which can help you engage with your students in more meaningful and effective ways. So why not take the time to connect with other Auslan teachers, and discover the many benefits of learning and growing together?

Classes commence Term 2:
Level 1:
Tues, April 16th – Tues, May 21st