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Australia’s premier destination for Auslan resources and teacher training.

Our Journey

We began as Tall Giraffe Publishing, creating engaging Auslan books for Deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Recognising the need to bridge the communication gap for parents learning Auslan, we expanded into a comprehensive hub supporting both classrooms and homes. Today, we’re proud to be part of a vibrant Auslan community, sharing diverse talents and knowledge.

Deaf-Led Business
Kerrie Taylor, is a dedicated Auslan teacher who is deaf. With qualifications in Deaf Studies and Auslan Methodology, she brings deep linguistic expertise and continuous professional learning to her classroom. Kerrie collaborates with experienced native Auslan signers, including primary and secondary teachers, university lecturers, and has contributed to the 2023 Auslan curriculum with ACARA.

Your Ultimate Resource
New Auslan teachers can find invaluable guidance on teaching methods, activities and resouces at Auslan Hub. We offer expert support to help you succeed in your Auslan journey.

Our Commitment
We’re passionate advocates for the Deaf community, supporting the Deaf Ecosystem. Choosing our services directly empowers the Deaf community.

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