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Do you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person?

Are you curious about why there’s a sign for one thing but not another?

Do you want to understand the experiences of individuals who can’t hear at all or those with cochlear implants?

Interested in learning about signs borrowed from other languages?

Send us a message, and Kerrie, an experienced Auslan Teacher, will create a YouTube library to answer all your questions. We’ll also feature interviews with various Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals from our community, so you can get direct answers to your questions!

Auslan Hub will deliver multiple face to face Auslan Teachers' planning workshop in multiple states next year. Click the button below to read more and register!

We offer an array of Professional Learning workshops that are conveniently available online throughout the entire year as well as some face to face workshops. Our workshops are specifically designed to provide you with exceptional opportunities to refine and enhance your professional skills, learn more about the field, and become more confident in your abilities. As a highly respected professional development provider, we take pride in offering the best training sessions, covering a wide range of topics relevant to teachers of Auslan. Our workshops are also designed to help you network with other professionals in your field, allowing you to learn from others and make valuable connections to advance your skills even further. Rest assured that you will benefit greatly from our top-notch workshops and we invite you to be a part of our community of dedicated and knowledgeable teachers of Auslan.

Do you happen to be interested in finding resources relating to Auslan language and culture? If so, take some time to browse our extensive collection of Auslan resources available at our online store. Our shop features an array of products for all levels of Auslan users in the family homes as well as students and educators embracing Auslan in the classroom. So why not take a peek into our selection of engaging learning materials and start or continue your journey Auslan, today!

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Looking to improve your understanding of Auslan? We’ve got you covered. Our platform offers a comprehensive learning experience that includes access to a wide range of Auslan videos, along with thoughtfully designed learning materials that include engaging activities, comprehension practice, and even ideas for assessment. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to build on your existing skills, our program has everything you need to succeed. By pairing our Auslan video resources with targeted learning activities and assessments, we make it easy for you to improve your proficiency in this essential language. So why wait? Sign up today and take the first step in your Auslan learning journey!

As a committed Auslan teacher, you understand the importance of continuously enhancing your language skills and knowledge. One of the most effective ways to do so is to collaborate with other passionate Auslan teachers who are just as dedicated to the language and its community. By working together, you can polish your signing abilities, broaden your vocabulary range, and deepen your understanding of Auslan’s unique linguistics, culture, and traditions. Additionally, partnering with other teachers allows you to access a wealth of new perspectives and teaching strategies, which can help you engage with your students in more meaningful and effective ways. So why not take the time to connect with other Auslan teachers, and discover the many benefits of learning and growing together?

About Auslan Hub

Welcome to Auslan Hub™, your destination for all things Auslan! We embarked on our journey as Tall Giraffe Publishing, fueled by a deep passion to create captivating Auslan books for Deaf and hard-of-hearing children, enabling them to immerse themselves in the joy of reading in their first language. We also recognised the importance of bridging the communication gap between English and Auslan for parents embarking on their own Auslan journey. Today, we have evolved into a comprehensive resource hub, catering to the needs of Auslan classrooms and homes alike. We feel honoured to be connected with a vibrant community of Auslan educators and users, each bringing a unique range of talents, skills, experiences, and knowledge to share.

Kerrie Taylor, the founder of Auslan Hub, serves as a dedicated Auslan teacher in a classroom setting, and is deaf herself. Her qualifications include the successful completion of a comprehensive course in Deaf Studies and Auslan Methodology. This has equipped her with a profound understanding of the linguistic elements of Auslan. Over the years, she has actively pursued continuous Professional Learning to stay abreast of the latest developments in her field.

Collaborating closely with native Auslan peers within the Deaf Community, Kerrie works alongside individuals who bring diverse credentials, including expertise as Auslan classroom teachers (both primary and secondary levels) and university lecturers. These colleagues have presented on various topics such as linguistics, the history of Auslan, and Deaf studies.

Furthermore, Kerrie was a part of the writing team for the Auslan curriculum with ACARA in 2023. This experience has afforded her an extensive understanding and knowledge of effective teaching methods aligned with the achievement standards outlined in the Auslan curriculum.

If you’re a new Auslan teacher seeking guidance on teaching methods, qualifications, or the time it takes to become proficient in Auslan, Auslan Hub is your ultimate starting point. Our platform offers invaluable resources and expert guidance to set you on the path to success.

At Auslan Hub, we are passionate advocates for the Deaf community, and we actively support the Deaf Ecosystem. By choosing our services, you contribute directly to the empowerment and well-being of the Deaf community. Join us in making a difference and be part of the Auslan Hub family today


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