Discover quality Auslan resources and materials for teaching and learning the classroom and in the home such as books, flashcards, posters, and lesson plans. 

Auslan Hub uses experienced Auslan teachers and users to provide training, materials, and support for Auslan teachers who are either at the beginning of their Auslan teaching career or looking for more ideas and opportunities to collaborate with others. Available each term.

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About Auslan Hub

Auslan Hub began as Tall Giraffe Publishing with a desire to create Auslan books for Deaf/HOH children so that they could enjoy reading in their first language, whilst bridging the language between English and Auslan for parents on a new Auslan journey with their child/children. It has since grown to provide much needed resources in the classroom as well as the home and it is a privilege to know so many wonderful Auslan educators, and users who have a range of talent, skill, experience and knowledge to share. 

Auslan Hub is an avid supporter of their Deaf community, so when you use Auslan Hub’s services, you support the Deaf Ecosystem.


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