Click on the buttons below to access free activities for the classroom. 

Printable sheet with a wide range of faces to help students practise decscribing facial features using SASS, and colours, as well as asking Yes-No questions. 

Simple activity for students to practice comprehending, and using SASS for describing objects. Extend students by providing instructions for illustrating patterns or colouring specific shirts described by you. 

Get students communicating with this jig saw activity. Students practise using colour and animal signs, asking “red, giraffe, you have, yes-no?”. Great for developing their communication skills, sharing of information, and comprehension. 

Instructions: Click here

This simple activity challenges students to practice transposition skills and use of SASS when describing shapes, positions, and patterns. 

Another great activity for practising new vocabulary, using Auslan syntax, and sharing information for communicating and comprehending. 

Reliable Auslan videos online

Looking for more videos and resources to use in the classroom? See below:

-Storybox Library
Storybox Library now provides a collection of Auslan interpreted stories for children. Terrific for practising comprehension (watch with sound off), and providing modelled examples of signing. Click to access their stories here.

Auslan Storybooks
Trudi is a Deaf storyteller with a wide range of stories and jokes provided on her website. Great for all ages. View her site by clicking here.

-Auslan for beginners
Access a range of videos for your students to revise in the beginning of their Auslan learning. Click here to view the videos.

– Expression Australia (suitable for secondary school students)
Each week, Expression Australia provide news updates in Auslan, which is great for practising student comprehension and examining how signs are presented formally. Also, encourage students to observe how information is organised into space. Click here to access the site.

Auslan stories